Configuring Zoom recording settings

Configuring Zoom meeting settings

We'll begin by understanding the difference between a local and cloud recording.

  • Local - The meeting is recorded and downloaded to your computer following its completion.
  • Cloud - The meeting is recorded and uploaded to the cloud following its completion.

There are pro's & con's for both methods. Cloud does offer convenience and ease of sharing, local allows you to quickly access the file for post-production.

You'll also want to consider if you would like to configure meetings to automatically record. This can be helpful because if you forget to start the recording, you'll miss out on important information. On the flip side, you might accidentally record a meeting that you did not (or should not) record.

Lastly, all cloud recordings have an automatic 100 day retention policy. We strongly encourage you download all cloud recordings in a timely fashion upon their completion if you think you'll need to refer to them at a future point in time. You can always upload them to Aggie Video or for long-term access/storage.

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